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Light Saber Colors – A Sort of Symbolism?

In the Original Star Wars Trilogy, lightsaber colors were only green, blue and red. It was very safe to say then that blue and green were colors symbolizing the good, and red represents the evil.  Does this notion still hold ground today?  Well maybe.  In the Original Trilogy series of good vs. evil, the colors of sabers became some sort of symbolism.  This is true in the OT, until the Prequel Trilogy, the action figures and the Expanded Universe sources opened up various blade colors such as gold, silver, brown, viridian, bronze, pink, turquoise, orange, purple and yellow.  Eventually, it became confusing to know which is the good guy and the bad guy and which color lightsaber is being used.

As you know, the lightsaber colors are the results of the type of crystal  placed inside the hilt. The full extend and variety of the focusing crystals and the  consequent colors are not well known; and the Expanded Universe say that these crystals merely determine the color of the blade. These crystals are found in caves,  and included in the final part of a Jedi training is creating your own lightsaber. 

The Sith lightsaber color.

How the red blades came to represent the Sith is easy to follow.  Before they formed under Darth Bane, Jedi wielded red lightsabers at all  times. Since the Sith and the Jedi have similarities,  when there is fighting between the 2 groups, the people cannot identify the Jedi from the Sith. Until the Sith chose red as their uniform to signify the color of fire and blood, and this color has the ability to strike fear into the minds and hearts of their enemies. Add to this the fact that the Sith are filled with feelings of anger and hatred and obsessed by strength and power.  This is the reason why the Sith blades are always red. Since then, what could have been a noble lightsaber color was turned into a symbol of evil.

The Jedi lightsaber colors.

We see the most variety of lightsaber colors amongst the Jedi. A common belief is that green stands for a Jedi Master and blue signifies an inexperienced Jedi.  However, this was proven not true in the Original Trilogy and the Prequels Trilogy.  Green and blue lightsabers are not representatives of power and experience with the Force, but of their focus. Obi-wan and Anakin are both powerful Jedi, but their focus is on lightsaber combat, so they use blue blades.  The green blades could mean that the wielder is more focused on the force.

In blade colors, we see mostly green and blue, and we also have the purple blade of Mace Windu.  Of course we all know that this functional change on Mace’s part is because Samuel L. Jackson has requested for a purple blade. And he is the only one who has it.  Mace Windu is a diplomat and he uses his saber only when it is extremely necessary and when he does, he becomes the greatest fighter you see in the galaxy.

The other lightsaber colors which show no dark or light side affiliation are silver, bronze, clear, brown, cyan, orange, emerald, gold, and more.

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